Our Story



G eneration Next Fashions Limited (GNFL) was incorporated in Bangladesh on 19 August 2004 under the Companies Act 1994 with an authorized capital of BDT 500.00 million and a paid up capital of BDT 47.20 million to carry out business of spinning, weaving and manufacturing of various types of readymade garments of international standard and design. At present, the paid up capital of the Company is BDT 4500.00 million and the authorized capital is BDT 5000.00 million. GNFL is a 100% export oriented textile and apparel manufacturing company which started its commercial operation on 30 July 2006. The company manufactures composite knit fabrics and various types of ready-made garments and serves as a fully vertical knit fabric and apparel manufacturing setup in Bangladesh producing approx. 1 Million KGs of knit fabric per month for various retailers across Europe and North America. Our vertical integration assists us in providing competitive prices, robust development services, and quick turnarounds to achieve significant economies of scale for our esteemed customers.


GGeneration Next Fashions Ltd. believes that a congenial work environment increases efficiency and motivates employees to deliver their best. Its production units are a bench‐ mark in the industry for a safe, healthy, and hygienic workplace. Maximum precautions are taken against fire or chemical hazards. For example, the use of bus bars for electrical installations, mirror reflectors for overhead lamps, forced duct ventilation, and generous spacing between equipment make the production floor comfortable to work in and aesthetically appealing.

Clearly demarcated evacuation zones and routes are used in emergencies along with the fire safety equipment like fire hydrantssprinklers and smoke & fire detectorsto ensure the safety of the workers. Safe drinking water and hygienic toilets are provided in adequate numbers and positioned for easy access of all workers. There are separately designated toilets for female workers. Adequate canteen space with proper seat arrangement is also provided for the workers to take their meals.


Generation next Fashions Ltd. has a hybrid, custom designed chemical-mechanical Effluent Treatment Plant. Compacted in size and modern in its technology, this ETP treats 30,000 liters’ effluents per hour very effectively around the clock. Our ETP makes every single drop of waste water eco-friendly before discharging in the surrounding.


Physical and mental well‐being is important in order to produce quality work. GNFL, in recognition on of this, maintains Medical and a Day‐care Centre, located centrally in the complex at Generation Next Fashions Ltd. Doctors and professional paramedics are employed full time in order to respond to medical emergencies as well as general health. The medical centers are appropriately equipped and have adequate supplies that are dispensed free of charge. The day-care center is staffed and managed by professionals. They are suitably equipped with clean, dry bedding and toys. Hygienic food is also provided to the children of the workers free of charge.