Fabric Section

Generation Next Fashion Limited is specialized in Knitted Fabric and Readymade Garments manufacturing. It has an extensive sourcing network for all types of trims/accessories and Knitted products with a skilled workforce and state of art manufacturing facilities. GNFL Knitting section is well capable of doing all kind of knitted fabrics like Single Jersey, Double Jersey, Fleece, Pique, RIB, Thermal, French Terry, etc. We are handling all kind of yarns in 100% Cotton, Poly cotton and different blends like Viscose, Lycra, Full Feeder and Semi Feeder, Tensel, Bamboo, Rayon, Poly-Rayon, Viscose-Lycra, 100% Polyester etc. We can manufacture to any specifications set by customers irrespective of quantity of order, while keeping to our deadlines in a way that insures customer satisfaction and maintains our trustworthiness.

Quality Control of Fabric Section: The quality control department is assigned to maintain consistently uniform quality of the material in process and various stages of its manufacturing. After collecting fabric rolls from different machines, these fabrics need to inspect thoroughly by the quality inspectors to assure required quality before dying. Quality control of knitted grey fabric is described here.